You Are Not Qualified To Be Installed Iyaloja General, Southwest, Iyaloja Ekiti Tells Abeo OSHA

September 18, 2022

Sunday September 18, 2022

As the controversy trailing the proposed installation of Princess Folashade Nurudeen Otherwise known as Abeo Osa as Iyaloja General, Southwest, the Iyaloja of Ado-Ekiti, Chief Waye Osho has described the plan as unacceptable and aberration.

Chief Waye Osho stated this in her interview with on telephone on Saturday evening.

Chief Osho said Princess Folashade Nurudeen has no criteria to be installed as Iyaloja General as none of the organisers of the planned installation qualified to take such decisions.

The Iyaloja of Ado Ekiti who is also the Aare Oloja expressed surprise over the unpopular decision that Abeo Osa is planning to execute.

“Abeo Osa can only be Iyaloja in her area of operation and among her kind of traders and not in the Southwest as been speculated by some people.

I had called her myself over the news which she vehemently denied several times and am sure, the planned installation is just a rumour from the depth of hell”.

When asked if the Ekiti traders will also be under Abeo Osa, Chief Osho angrily responded ” can Abeo Osa herself claimed to be a leader over someone like me that has spent over thirty years as a trader, no way, I can never be under Abeo Osa, never.”

Iyaloja Ekiti stated that she is ready to have a face to face debate with Princess Folashade Nurudeen over who is qualified to be Iyaloja General of Ekiti.

“Pls, can you invite me together with Abeo Osa so we can iron out this, so that she can also confirmed it to me that she indeed want to be Iyaloja General of Southwest”,she concluded.

It would be recalled that Princess Folashade Nurudeen Otherwise known as Abeo Osa is being rumoured to be installed as Iyaloja General, Southwest but there has been lot of controversy trailing the proposed installation.

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