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We are on Course. The February 25 Electoral Charade. Why Oluyole Federal Constituency Election Remains Inconclusive – Alesinloye


Monday March 6th, 2023

First, my heartfelt appreciation once again to all people of Oluyole Federal Constituency especially conscientious voters who trooped out enmasse to freely exercise their franchise and believe in my vision for our Oluyole Constituency. Although the enthusiasm to elect me as the leader you know and trust was dampened temporarily due to pre-planned election malpractices by election fraudsters but the struggle to achieve our goal continues for our ultimate victory is in sight by the grace of Almighty God.

The path to electoral fraud was carefully laid but badly executed by the electoral fraudsters due to the eternal vigilance of our people who saw the open rigging and promptly rejected it. Kudos to you all for your vigilance is the price of liberty.

Highlights of the electoral fraud witnessed, reported and recorded include:

*Very late arrival of INEC officials and failure to show up in some polling units.

*Insufficient ballot papers for the conduct of the election leading to disenfranchising of many eligible voters.

*Political parties including Accord Party lodged complaints of insufficient ballot papers to INEC AEO1, Mrs Kudaisi and the Electoral Officer. They both agreed to the insufficiency of ballot papers but they refused to postpone the election or correct the anomaly.. Many media houses witnessed it and reported the incident widely.

*The disenfranchisement of eligible voters among other factors led to the widespread of violence in some polling units like Atere/Ilugusi, Agara, Alabakan, Ire-Akari, Kasumu, Jogbin, Aba-Ode and many other places.

*As a result of this, the Returning Officer, Prof. Ehinola ordered that no result shall be announced pending the determination of all issues. And this has not been done so no winner has been announced for Oluyole Federal Constituency election.

Please ignore anyone parading himself or herself as elected. That’s criminal impersonation and a breach of the electoral law.

Our resolute demand is for a fresh election to be conducted by INEC for Oluyole Federal Constituency to replace the charade and electoral comedy of error enacted on February 25 which has been popularly rejected even by INEC because it was an assault on democracy, popular participation and people’s legitimate right to choose their leaders without violence.

This is the only path of honour in line with the electoral law.

My dear good people of Oluyole Federal Constituency including voters, please always be vigilant, peaceful and orderly for the race is not for the swift or the battle for the strong. It’s a battle for electoral legitimacy for the people’s mandate between the conscience less power and the powerless conscience.

Our victory is in sight we shall overcome against all election marauders and manipulators. Thank you.

Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye
Accord Candidate House of Representatives Oluyole Federal Constituency


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