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Tinubu’s Victory, The Dawn Of A New Era For Real Progressive Politics, Renewed Hope And Farewell To Poverty – Erubami


Wednesday March 1st, 2023

The Coalition for Democracy In Nigeria CODIN, has assured Nigerians that the declaration of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the next President after President Mohammed Buhari is a prayer heard and approved by God from million of Nigerians and the betterment of the larger global population.

In a statement released and signed by the President and Convener of the Group, a pro democracy, Human Rights and Principal Anti Corruption GROUP, Comrade Mashood Erubami thanked God for the great victory of Jabagan Borgu and Congratulated all Nigerians for the final affirmation and subsequent declaration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima as President and Vice President of Nigeria.

The Group in the Statement gave a very big thanks to the 14 Northern Governor’s who insisted that the Presidency must shift to the South and founding Tinubu worthy of representing the South for the management and governance of human and material resources of the Country in the interest of all with fairness, equity and justice.

The group particularly thanked the Southern Governors who stood with him and made other contestants to step down for him to assure his gracious, triumphant, and peaceful win from the primary of his party the great APC into becoming its Candidate to become the undisputed President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Group acknowledged that it may not be immediately easy a task to commence the good works expected but it is not doubtful that he will watch the ground very well, his predecessors work patterns before he start laying the foundation of his partys project models to start the implementation of renewed hope 2023 for the comfort of all Citizens in the State and across the Nations without hatred and hinderance.

CODIN further reiterated that Nigerians should expect to be laid under him, solid foundation of genuine democracy with all it’s elements of Human Rights, Rule of law, and creation of basis for the equality of human rights and freedom of the Press.

The Group warned that Nigerians are not in the mood to spare long time to watch the Asiwaju Tinubu to experiment, they are looking forward to hear his announcement of the cabinet immediately he is sworn in, he must start to touch the life of the poverty ridden large population of Nigerians, the hanging Crisis in the Universities,

The seemingly failing redesigned currency, strenghten the cashless policy of the running government and creation of better life for All.

His government should commence morally as he achieve his life ambition to be president to also proceed to accomplish the high desires of the citizenry from today the 1st of March, 2023 setting a new standard of work that will lay a Foundation for strong anti corruption fight in all sectors of the country with global best practices as his watchward.

The Group concluded that he must as a legitimate winner of the Presidency on the popular votes of the people, start to identify the best and use the best to the advantage of Nigerians.

“Wishing him that his history must remain the reference point for good and productive governance in the Country.

Comrade Mashood Erubami,
President and Convener of the


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