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Ten Hag to brutally strip Harry Maguire of Man Utd captaincy



In recent news, Manchester United fans were left shocked as their star defender, Harry Maguire, confirmed that he had lost the captain armband for the club. This unexpected turn of events has sparked widespread speculation and debate among football enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Maguire’s captaincy, the reasons behind his dismissal, and the implications it may have on the team.

1. The Role of a Captain in Football

Being named the captain of a football team is a great honour and responsibility. The captain acts as the leader on and off the field, representing the club and motivating the players. They are expected to possess leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, and a deep understanding of the game. Losing the captaincy can have a significant impact on a player’s career and the dynamics within the team.

2. Harry Maguire’s Journey as Man United Captain

Since joining Manchester United in 2019, Harry Maguire has proven himself to be a vital asset to the team. His commanding presence, defensive skills, and ability to lead by example quickly earned him the captaincy in January 2020. Maguire’s calm demeanour and strong work ethic made him a respected figure among both the players and the fans.

3. Reasons Behind the Captaincy Change

a) Recent On-Field Performance: One of the primary factors contributing to Maguire’s captaincy change is the team’s underwhelming performances in recent months. Manchester United has struggled to secure consistent victories, and the defensive line, including Maguire, has faced criticism for their lapses in concentration and defensive errors.

b) Legal Troubles: Another aspect that likely influenced the decision is Maguire’s involvement in a legal incident during the summer break. The incident received significant media attention and created a distraction for both Maguire and the team. Such off-field issues can affect a player’s ability to lead effectively.

c) Need for a Fresh Start: Sometimes, a change in captaincy is seen as a necessary step to rejuvenate the team and address underlying issues. By replacing Maguire as captain, Manchester United’s management may be aiming to introduce a new leadership style and instill a fresh sense of motivation within the squad.

4. Implications for Maguire and the Team

Losing the captaincy can have a profound impact on a player’s confidence and performance. For Harry Maguire, this setback may serve as a wake-up call to reassess his on-field contributions and personal conduct. The experience of being stripped of the armband could push him to strive for improvement and regain his status as a leader in the team.

As for the team, the captaincy change opens up opportunities for other players to step up and assume leadership roles. It also allows for a potential shift in tactics, as the new captain may bring a different approach and vision to the team’s gameplay.


Harry Maguire’s confirmation of losing the captain armband at Manchester United has sent shockwaves through the football community. While the exact ramifications of this decision are yet to be seen, it is undoubtedly a significant turning point for both Maguire and the team. The true test lies in how Maguire responds to this setback and how Manchester United adapts to the change in leadership. As fans, we can only hope that this challenging period will lead to a stronger and more united team.


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