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Show of Shame On Arise TV, Oyo APC Youths Ask Tinubu To Call Shittu To Order


Monday August 8, 2022

A group of APC youths in Oyo State, Oyo Youths for Tinubu has called on the presidential candidate of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to call the former Minister for Communications,Mr Adebayo Shittu to order before he truncated attempts at building a cohesive party in support of his presidential candidate in the South West.

In a statement signed and released by Mallam Ishaq Aduloju in Ibadan,the group noted with sadness the dismal performance of the former minister on the Arise Television on Monday morning wherein he threw caution to the winds and raised so must dust that could compromise campaigns for the election of Asiwaju Tinubu.

“We watched with disbelief the way Mr Shittu threw caution to the winds tearing down the building blocks with which patriotic members of APC and supporters of Asiwaju Tinubu have been working in the interest of the party

“His response to many of the questions posed to him made nonsense of well thought out positions of the official spokespersons of the campaign. He only succeeded making enemies for Asiwaju rather than winning supporters for him

“His response to many issues have only created further problems for the campaign rather than solve them. He lacks the understanding of issues and the temparent to be the face of a campaign that aspires to win elections. He virtually entered into fisticuffs with moderators of the programme so much that the station had to go on break to avoid a degeneration of his exchanges with the moderators.

“Worsetill, his attack on personalities who have been working quietly for the ambition of Asiwaju Tinubu like former Governor of Ogun State,Senator Ibikunle Amosun was not only uncharitable but also counter-productive to the unity desired in the APC for the ambition of our preferred presidential candidate.

“Amosun has won elections twice as governor of Ogun Srate and twice as a Senator. Shittu has never won any election in this dispensation and has only become an irritant and a controversial figure in every political party that have been unfortunate to have him as a member

“We wish to call the attention of Asiwaju Tinubu to the ploy by characters like those who proclaim one-man mushroom groups to curry political relevance. Shittu does not have any following in his Saki hometown ,much less in Oyo State where he has been a serial loser in governorship primaries. He has nothing to add to the campaign. But he can attract unnecessary controversies to it because that is his stock in trade.

“After the announcement of a spokesman for the campaign,characters who parade themselves in the hope of being employed for the job should close shop. When they ignore to do this as Mr Shittu has done,Asiwaju Tinubu should please ask them to close shop so that they don’t throw spanners in our campaign work”, the statement added.


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