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Politicians Must Follow Electoral Rules – Abubakar


Tuesday August 29, 2023

Former Nigeria Military Ruler, Gen Abdulsalam Abubakar has called on politicians in Africa to always follow electoral laws to avert unnecessary intervention by the military.

Gen Abdulsalam Abubakar stated this while featuring on BBC Hausa radio interview recently on his visit to Niger republic.

He stated that one of the factors that increases military intervention in democratic governance in West Africa has to do with credibility of electoral process and political leaders.

“Political leaders take people for granted. Many political leaders have changed the constitutions and electoral laws of their country to extend their stay in office.

For instance, some leaders are voted to serve their people for particular number of years only for them to amend the law at the end or towards the end of their tenure to extend their stay in office. That’s one of the major factors responsible for increased coup d’etat in Africa. Another major factor is the leaders being forced on the people against their will. This is very bad. Also, the soldiers connive with politicians to successfully execute coup for whatever benefit.”

He added that politicians must know that there are rules and regulations guiding politics and electoral processes.

He said these laws were made to guide the process and give equal opportunities and justice to all.

“It may not be perfect, hence it’s a living document that could be subject to amendments. So, they should follow the rules and abide by it.”

Abubakar identified imposition of candidates on the people as another factor necessitating coup saying that Such actions will surely meet with resistance from the people.

“People should be allowed the freedom to choose who they want to lead them, and not impose leaders on them.

The electorate should also eschew momentary gratifications. The electorate must look out for someone that has the capacity to better the life of the majority and not for few gains,”he concluded.

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