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Oyo turning into Gestapo State under Makinde


..Adelabu commiserates with Igangan people over killings
• Governor, Auxillary should be held accountable

Wednesday February 1st, 2023

The governorship candidate of Accord, Chief Bayo Adelabu has commiserated with the people of Igangan over the violence that occurred in the peaceful community on Tuesday.

Violence had erupted in the community when Gov Seyi Makinde took his campaign to Igangan, Ibarapa North Local government on Tuesday, accompanied by armed thugs. Two people were reportedly killed, while scores were injured when members of the Oyo State Park Management System led by Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi, popularly known as Auxillary unleashed violence on members of the Community.

Bayo Adelabu Campaign Organization (BACO) in a statement issued late Tuesdsy said the violence should be condemned in its entirety adding that it becomes more regrettable that the Governor who was supposed to protect the people and who is the Chief Security Officer of the State is the one condoning such wanton and bestial action.

BACO noted that the current mayhem in the peaceful, agrarian community has further characterised the violence that has continued to trail the re-election campaign trail of the governor.

“We have always warned that Gov Makinde is empowering thugs to unleash mayhem on the citizens and the opposition in the build up to the general election. It is clear to everyone now. Indeed, violence has continued to trail Gov Makinde to most of the places he has gone to campaign. This latest attack has further confirmed our fears about the intention of Gov Makinde with the creation and use of the PMS.”

According to BACO, Oyo State is gradually being turned into a gestapo State, reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, where citizens are no longer free to express themselves. Most people complained that during Gov. Makinde’s town Hall meeting, no one could ask critical questions for fear of being attacked by Auxiliary and his thugs. This is how one of the stakeholders at the Town hall puts it; ‘If any one comes up with constructive criticism with the governor , Auxiliary boys will not allow such person to get home alive’.

“Since Gov Makinde commenced his Campaign, Chairman of PMS and his Boys have continued to attack innocent citizens and creating serious tension in any community hosting them; It was reported that in Akinyele local government the leader of Agbekoya Marufu Agbon was attacked by members of PMS”
” Today people of Oyo state now know the real reason Chief Mukaila Lamidi alias Auxiliary was appointed as Chairman PMS despite his bad antecedents between 2003,2007 and 2011.

“The People of Oyo State should hold Governor Seyi Makinde and Auxiliary responsible for the killings in Igangan ” .
BACO noted that this is not the Oyo State that Makinde met when he took over in 2019. “ He met a peaceful State where Killings, arson and brigandage had been curtailed.

Unfortunately, the State is going back to the pre 2011 era. The governor should play his role as the protector of the citizens within the remaining days he has to spend in office. We also enjoin him to take a cue from the Bayo Adelabu Campaign that in spite of the huge crowd in attendance at such campaigns, no violence was recorded. The only instance of any violence was when thugs of the All Progressives Congress (APC) attacked Adelabu’s convoy in Oke Ogun, destroying vehicles in the process. Instead of retaliating and further compound the situation, Security agents were allowed to do their job. This is what we expect. Campaign should be peaceful and issue-based, you cannot beg for people’s support and at the same time unleash violence on them”, BACO noted.