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Oyo, Brazil to Collaborate on Black Heritage Day


Thursday August 10, 2023

The Oyo State Government is set to collaborate with the Brazilian custodian of culture, Oba Awurela, Kabiyesi Sangokunle Adekunle Alayande, on the Black Heritage Day.

The Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatunbosun, while receiving Oba Awurela in his office, on Tuesday, declared the Oyo state government’s readiness to parley with Brazil on promotion of culture and tourism.

Dr Wasiu Olatunbosun lauded Oba Awurela for his plans to expand the frontiers of tourism in Oyo State, using culture as a tool, which will, in turn, boost revenue in the State.

Olatunbosun shed light on the mapped-out strategies to drive tourism in the state, through cultural heritage.

He called for further international investment and cooperation to harness the state’s tourism potential.

Oba Awurela, a paternal descendant of Awe in Oyo, said their mission was to propagate the image of his paternal household and further build cultural ties between Oyo State and Brazil.

The monarch sought collaboration of the Oyo State Government in the celebration of Brazilian Black Heritage Day, otherwise known as ‘Searchie November’ which is a yearly celebration to commemorate Brazil’s freedom from the Europeans.

Speaking further on the existing cultural integration, Oba Awurela said Brazil and all Diasporans in South America have an Academy that integrates religion and cultural heritage.

He spoke of the plan to create Oyo Empire in Brazil, which will be known as ‘OYOTEDO’.


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