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Opinion: For Emphasis, There Is No Subsidy, But System Inefficiency For Removal!!!


By Adegbenka Kaka

Saturday June 3, 2023

Drastic problem requires drastic solution. Nigerians have lived the ever escalating scam wrongly classified as SUBSIDY over many decades. It is nothing more than SYSTEM INEFFICIENCIES.
If in love with “subsidy,” the citizens clearly are the ones subsidising or paying for the inefficiencies in our system.

The citizens were programmed to accept the deception and to sing the songs that are favourable and soothing to the scammers hearing, as the major beneficiaries. They are less than 200 in numbers. Yet, they unceasingly make deadly incisions into the “jugular veins” of the nation with impunity, tormenting, and mesmerising the silent over 200 million citizens in the majority.

Attempts at removal of the inefficiencies in our systems, wrongfully classified as subsidy, were severally made under successive administrations and sabotaged with stronger but unseen forces. The promised accompanying reliefs were of no consequences, as channels for such were intercepted by the parasites and vermin within the systems.

Our mono culture economy survival currently depends upon the well-being of the oil & gas industry. As long as the nation belongs to all of us, we remain equal stakeholders.
The greed and insatiable appetite of the infinitesimally small numbers must not be allowed to extinguish the living of the majority.

For sure, a non existing “SUBSIDY” needs no removal. What is required is meticulous elimination of the parasites and other vermin in our systems.
Once faithfully done, a healthy and peaceful nation will be guaranteed. Let us give our newly inaugurated administration the benefit of the doubt and rally the much needed support for the inevitable “surgical” economic operations.
Like surgical cutting and suturing, passing through treatments and healing processes, it is bound to be harrowingly painful. The end will, however, justify the means of our sacrifices, once the cancerous ailment is removed once and for all.

In support of the wonderfully courageous and bold move that is unprecedented in our clime, let’s join hands and voices in unison for a “BON VOYAGE” hailing and chorusing to our newly sworn-in ship CAPTAIN – PBAT(President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Certainly, he is on the right track. May God make the journey and battle easy for him and all of us. Aamina yah Allah.

Sen Adegbenga Sefiu Kaka.
Former Deputy Governor, Ogun State.


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