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On Bosun’s ministerial nomination and the ideals of being progressives


Babajide FADOJU

Hopefully this is my last on this matter as per Bosun’s ministerial nomination …

  1. If we say we trust Asiwaju and his judgement on governing Nigeria, do we think he wouldn’t have vetted his nominees himself?

Nominations as high as ministers?

Ogunlewe, Olabode George, Obanikoro, Wike and thousands more have said worse about Nigeria, Apc and PBAT … to know how BAT thinks is to check his relationships today with the people I highlighted.

Catch my drift?

You will

  1. When Asíwájú said he would run a government of inclusion (the inclusion here is Nigerians with expertise regardless of age, gender, region or partisan leaning) ,he wasn’t stuttering neither was he playing.

To see Asíwájú appoint someone that’s a global giant in ICT who supported Obi, is to prove that he will pick Nigerian assets regardless of politics..

It will hurt as a card carrying member of the party and BAT’s defender .. but that’s Asíwájú’s style .. he holds no grudge as long as progress is concerned.

  1. Primarily, Asiwaju owes us and every other Nigerian good governance, a conducive environment to thrive and a secure place to live …
  2. I am tempted to share the CV of Bosun but take into cognizance that this guy was one of those who created Nigeria‘s Silicon Valley in Yaba, Lagos where thousands globally acclaimed startups like BudgIT, Flutterwave, Andela, TechCabal started from.

No one told me this neither did I eavesdrop it from any Oga’s conversation over the phone … I worked from Bosun’s establishment at CcHUB from 2012 ish … so this was my experience and I feel that’s part of what we need at this time ..

This is my opinion …
One that’s open to corrections and superior arguments

And my closing
Like my Egbon Alaba Ganzallo⁩ will say
No good is ever wasted
No sacrifice is ever forgotten
If not by man
But by our creator

So I implore you
Don’t get dismayed
For a better Nigeria
We must continue to support BAT and do our bit

May we be rewarded
May Nigeria Succeed

Specs 👓👓👓
Babajide FADOJU

P.S please don’t insult my grandma
She’s old 😂😂😂


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