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Ogun Applies To Acquire Basin Development Authority’s Hydro Power Plant To Boost Power Supply


Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun has expressed interest in acquiring the Hydro Power Plant situated at the Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority to facilitate the availability of energy for investors in the state.

The Governor revealed this during a meeting with the new Managing Director and CEO of the Ogun Osun River Basin Development Authority, Engr. Adedeji Ashiru and his management team.

Abiodun emphasized the significance of revitalizing the long-abandoned Hydro Power Plant to attract sufficient energy for business interests in the state.

He highlighted the potential for the state to become a hub for industrial activities by ensuring affordable energy costs through this acquisition.

“We are aware there is a Hydro Power Plant that is installed in the river basin for several years. It was a Federal Government initiative.

“As a state government, we have expressed interest in the acquisition of that Hydro Power Plant.

“It is almost obsolete by now. Only God knows the level of vandalization, but we believe that if it is transfered to us as a state government, I think they’ve already spoken to the OEM, the original equipment manufacturer and we can jointly look at how to ensure that not only do we resuscitate it, but actually expand it.

“You are aware that we are the industrial capital of Nigeria and electricity is a key enabler in the industrial revolution and one of the vision we have as a state government is to ensure that Ogun State becomes one of the state if not the state where the cost of energy will be the cheapest.

“I believe that if we are able to acquire this Hydro Power Plant, it will go a long way to supporting the actualisation of our vision,” he said.

Furthermore, Abiodun acknowledged the importance of effective management of the river basin in controlling flooding, particularly in areas like Ibafo, Isheri, and Kara.

He disclosed plans to engage consultants to address the recurring flooding challenges and enhance water resource management.

He said: “As a state government, we are looking at engaging consultants to recommend to us what we can do to ensure that this perennial recurrent problem is finally resolved.

“I am sure you also know that the management of that river basin is also very key to the control of flooding in Ogun State.

“The water table rises and falls. The areas between Kara, Mowe, Ibafo, Isheri North have in the recent times been flooded that many people cannot even access their homes.

“We’ve called the attention of the Ministers of Water Resources, Humanitarian and a few other ministers have come here to look into what are the immediate causes, what can be done to manage the situation in the immediate and the long term.”

Recognizing the critical role of the river basin in water supply and agriculture for the South West states, Abiodun stressed the need for collaborative efforts to leverage the Basin Authority’s resources for agricultural development and food security initiatives in the region.

“This River Basin is also very fundamental to agriculture and food security. This is an area that is extremely important to the President and his Renewed Hope agenda.

“As a state government, we are looking forward to working with you collaboratively to ensure that we tap into the advantage of having you and having the Basin Authority in this state to ensure that it becomes a resource that will catalyse the agricultural program we are currently implementing and our food security initiatives.

“Through that River Basin Authority, we can ensure that there is adequate water supply for our farmers that are either upstream or downstream from the dam,” he added.

Abiodun also noted that the antecedents of the new managing director had prepared him for the task, thanking President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for finding his nomination acceptable.

Earlier in his remarks, Engr. Ashiru said that the basin under his watch would enhance water resources management, promote agriculture, and also support infrastructure development within the region.


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