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My First Preaching On The Altar Was At Age Nine – Aremu
..I was rejected twice in school


Wednesday July 20, 2022

The Resident Pastor, Christ The Light Ministry Inc, Oke’badan area, Ibadan Pastor Michael Adeyemi Aremu is the last child of the Ibadan based man of God and one time Vice Chairman, Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board, and Founder Christ The Light Ministry Inc Ibadan, Bishop Solomon Aremu.

Recently, Rockhillradio news was at the Oke’badan branch of the church where Pastor Michael Aremu narrated his childhood, education and journey to the ministry.


I was born on the 1st of October, 1990 the same year Christ the light was founded through my Dad. I’m the last child of the family.


I had my primary school in Ibadan around Gate but was later moved to another primary school because they only had primary four but was so short even then. Because of my height, I again moved to Primary five in another school. After then I moved to secondary school but same complaint of my height and little age, so I later moved to Achiever secondary School where I was the first and only secondary school student then. I was the first Secondary School student and also only boarder student, only one they were teaching then. I left secondary school in September 2006. I then proceeded to University of Ado Ekiti and now Ekiti State University. The University programme then was slowed down because of ASUU strike, we were home for some months but finally left the University as a graduate in October 2014 to join my Dad Ministry to support him at the youth ministry, because I had been told earlier that am going to work for God since 2009. Because of the call to altar, I proceeded to the United States of America in 2017 for my Masters where I attended a seminary of the Winners Chapel. I did all necessary courses and also had little work with logistics, attendant among others and later Resident Pastor at WOSEM, Washington DC until 2020, I came back for my wedding and started Residential Pastor in January, 2021.

Journey To Ministry

I remembered I first preached during one of the church children anniversary at age nine and a friend of mine also interpreted for me. That was my first sermon. Right from my childhood, Dad and Mom has been telling me am going to be a Pastor, working for God and the stuff but inside of me, I said am not going to be a Pastor because I see Dad and Mum as Pastor and I felt life was not too comfortable and so me I can’t be a Pastor but an Accountant so I can use my money to support the Gospel.
In 2008, I told my wife, then my fiancee that I can never be a Pastor and she even said she can’t even marry a Pastor. But in 2009, I had an encounter and with that I know nothing I can become in life than to become a Pastor. And since then I started reading so well, fasting so well, having mentors that can be leaders to me, listening to messages and then I know there is a call of God upon my life. I begin to prepare for messages I never heard from anywhere, just be receiving the revelation from God and I write it down by the time they give me the Privilege, they will just be wondering how I came about my preaching prowess. I was later ordained by Daddy on May 12, 2013 as a Pastor.

My Experiences

God called me to be the Light Messenger in 2014. I asked God what I was called to preach. And God responded to my question on September 24, 2014 that God told me am called to preach the message of the Light and deliver people from darkness. When we are talking about light, everybody needs Light, because the world is surrounded by darkness. God gave me acronym of “LIGHT” are L-ove, I-mpact, G-odliness, H-umility and T-imeliness. Part of the experience is that in the ministry, there would be a lot of tolerance, patience and challenge. A lot of things to accept which ordinary one would not accept if not for the sake of ministry.

Are You Fulfilled?

To me then was to be an accountant, but had realised that what makes man to be fulfilled in life is not what you you desired to be but what God wants you to do. So many people becoming footballers but God want them to be accountant even though people claps for them, but that will not be used as their pass mark. What matter is once am in what God want me to do, am fulfilled. Am even seeing the signs now.

Will You One Day Leave Dad Ministry To Start Your Own?

Actually, there was a prophecy that came. A man saw me and said, Hey, are you ready to be a Pastor, because you are going to be a Pastor and your ministry will be so far than that of your Dad, but the only challenge is won’t you leave your Dad ministry, and I said No. I was privileged to be trained in a standard church while I was in school and the way I was going then, my sister was like asking me, are you not going to start your own church but I said No, am not going to leave. What God called me for is to support Dad, to bring Dad ministry to this present dispensation and make it ever relevant and not to leave. I have learnt from books, from mentors that to bring changes is not difficult but it takes time. I know one day, it will be what we are projecting.


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