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Most Nigerian Female Footballers Are Lesbians – Kalu


Sunday September 17, 2023

A Nigerian footballer plying her trade outside the country, Favour Kalu has disclosed that most female footballers and coaches in Nigeria are lesbian.

Kalu stated this in an interview with Journalists recently.

When asked the question, she said “Yes I agree totally with that. I’m not trying to be judgemental but will say it the way it is. The thing there is that some people are naturally spoilt in the sense that if they misbehave or do something bad they’ll either pin it on bad friends or condition.

A lot of people who are into lesbianism are always quick to blame it on the devil, bad friends or condition of life. But the truth is that somethings we do are the choices we’ve made already and sometimes it’s in us already but we’re just looking for something or someone to push us into it. And lesbianism is demonic that once you start it, you’ll never be able to come out of it. Like they say, some girls started it out of fear of getting pregnant while playing football, some started it in order to be able to take care of themselves and some are in it because they see it as fun because they prefer their fellow girls to guys.

She added that, female soccer is now in the era where women footballers are gradually making waves and a lot of people globally are recognising women footballers.

She said though so many people still think that women footballers are nothing but losers.

“They think women footballers are illiterate, like they have nothing to offer.”

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