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Incredible: Ogun Govt. Diverts Teachers’ Cooperative Funds – NUT


Tuesday June 21, 2022

The Ogun State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Teachers has lamented that the corporative funds of its members have been allegedly diverted by the government.

The NUT state chairman,
Abiodun Akinola added that salary deduction by the government was not accounted for, saying that, its members are at the mercy of the government.

Akinola said this on Monday in an exclusive interview with PLATFORM TIMES.

He said “One of the challenges we are facing is deduction in salaries, the salaries that were deducted are not remitted to the appropriate quarters.

“For instance, the cooperative deduction that the government is making from our salaries is not being paid to the cooperative society where teachers can have access to their funds.

“The contributions of teachers are being deducted from their salaries for the government to remit the salaries deducted into the individual teacher’s cooperative society, they did not do that and when the cooperative doesn’t get money from anywhere, there won’t be an opportunity for them to disburse loan to the teachers.

NUT chairman lamented that most teachers live from hand to mouth due to the meagre salary they earn.

“As we speak now, the challenges teachers are facing in their homes because of this meagre amount of salaries that we are being paid is not enough for teachers to take proper care of their homes.

“Teachers who want to send their children to school and can not access loan, it has disrupted the future of that child, a teacher that is sick and needs medical attention , who does not have the money, where does he go from there?

“We have gotten cases where teachers become paralyzed because they cannot afford to buy medications, we have even lost teachers.”


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