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Hoodlums Blocked Bamidele’s Convoy, Attacked Security Agents


Tuesday January 31st, 2023

The convoy of candidates of the Central Senatorial District led by Senator Michael Opeyemi Bamidele on visitation to LCDAs in the District was blocked by some hoodlums in Ikoro Ekiti, posing as okada riders even after money had been given to them.

This was after the people of Eso Obe LCDA had been addressed by party leaders and all the candidates were well received by APC members in Ikoro who conducted themselves well.

In a statement made available to Rock Hill Radio by media sub committee, all attempts to persuade the hired hoodlums to allow the convoy pass after the event proved abortive and they attacked security agents who cleared the way for the convoy.

“It was a clear case of unprovoked attack on the convoy and security agents.

The hoodlums thereafter threw stones and other objects thereby destroying some vehicles.

The peace loving people of Ikoro complained that this is not the first time these mauruders disrupted public peace. They are known to have been terrorising the peace loving people of Ikoro such that anybody having an event in the town must pay them heavy sums of money or they disrupt the event.

They deal in hard drugs, molest women and children, prominent leaders in the town and engage in other anti social vices. We call on security agents to put the hoodlums in check so that Ikoro people can sleep with their two eyes closed.”

The statement added that the ring leaders who carried out the attack are known and report has been made to the police for appropriate actions toward arrest and prosecution of the suspected hoodlums.