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Former NSE Chairman Cautions Nigerian Government Against Importing Foreign Engineers


Tuesday October 31, 2023

A power and Metering Consultant, Engineer Ademola Agoro has challenged engineers in Nigeria to up their skills in meeting up with the engineering challenges of power, automation and energy of the country.

Engr Agoro, who’s the Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer of Protogy Global Services Limited, an indigenous power and renewable solutions provider noted that Nigerian engineers have vast knowledge and capacity in the various fields of engineering, hence the need for government to believe in their delivery capacity to enhance rapid national development through local content.

He condemned both the government and private organisations attitudes of importing foreign engineers on pilot studies and researches on the formation of templates for technological Framework in power, energy and mechanical sectors, saying it had contributed to the slow pace of the anticipated innovation driven economy.

Deliverying a paper entitled: Distribution Network Losses: A Review of Detection And Mitigation Techniques, at the 29th AROKODARE Memorial Lecture, organised by the Nigeria Society of Engineers, Ibadan Branch, Engr. Agoro, hinged the losses in the power sector on lack of data on imported materials, key components and devices used in the generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity in the country.

He charged Engineers to develop an automated system to detect and monitor technical bypass and errors so as to rid the power sector off estimated billing, sharp practices and corruption which had bedeviled the sector.

“Engineers should develop a system that can monitor errors, as an engineer, there’s nothing you cannot automate so far there’s a speed device to achieve it.”

Speaking on the federal government plan to convert Vehicles and Automobiles to Compressed Natural Gass, CNG, Engr. Agoro, charged Nigerian Engineers to come up with template that would enhance safe and successful conversion of vehicles in the country.

“The major problem with Nigeria is because of the data , most of the materials that are used in the power system today are imported from China without a data. Without a proper data you cannot do a simulation. So if I want to do a simulation of a particular line now, it’s just a function of getting the data, using the required software, do simulation, once I have the information, I can use it to design on how I can reduce the loss.”

While noting that government is voting huge amount of funds in the exercise, he called on President Bola Tinubu to invest in infrastructure that would make CNG conversion kits and the gas available and accessable at every nooks and crannies of the country.

“The major problem that we have now is there’s no infrastructure. Everybody is talking about conversion kits but where are the infrastructure to refuel the car. Conversion is very simple but how many petrol station is selling CNG, government should build infrastructure around CNG to make it available to all and sundry.”


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