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Flood: CODIN Demands Support For Affected Residents In Kogi, Bayelsa, Others


Wednesday October 26, 2022

The Coalition for democracy in Nigeria, a Pro-democracy, human rights and principal electoral reforms, observation Outfits (CODIN) has called on Nigeria Government and it’s foreign friends to quickly come to the aid of Communities currently devastated by torrential rains and Dams water releases across the states in the Country.

In a release issued by the President and Convener of the Group, Comrade Mashood Erubami, he stated that even though, recent floodings were forewarned by the Meteorological Divisions of the relevant Ministries, It is still a consequence of climate change.

“The torrential downpour from rain and its consequences have come against pre-warnings that the resultant flooding will destroy crops, houses, schools, and businesses including the losses of lives, with many injured and countless losing their livelihoods, while millions will be displaced.

According to the Group President; “The loud shout for immediate action on the effects of global warming and climate change and it’s consequences in floodings resulting from the climate emergency is now.

It is most tragic and pitiable that most residents of the states ravaged by these floodings in Nigeria now pull up canoe boats in front of their houses to access the outside outlet to reach their various desired destinations while waiting for the government both in the state and federal, for actions that could bail them out of the Sunamic condition and mitigate their affected economic and social conditions.

The images captured of the consequential menaces of the heavy rains are nucceating with men and women and their children largely affected with live impacted consequences wading in mass ques along waterlogged streets after the floodings.

Everybody’s support is needed to draw attention to the urgent need to act on climate change and protect the millions impacted by its negative effects. Materials in forms of sleeping foams, food products, health facilities and money should urgently be provided to mitigate the damaging effects of the trans state floodings which have forced many into displacement from their ancestral homes.

Women and children are mostly at risk in all these deteriorating conditions and the most in need of assistance, hence the government should act decisively to assist and give help to secure everyone’s rights to safety and health.”

The group further pointed out that even before the ravaging floods, gender inequality and discrimination were pervasive in Nigeria.

Most women lacked access to quality sexual and reproductive health care. Now, with fewer resources, the country’s already-abysmal maternal mortality rates are sure to increase with obvious social economic consequences on the Children that could be brought out from such family settings.

The group however advised the people affected not to lose hope adding that the government too must act, to join the families of the Survivors to reclaim their losses and secure their human rights.

The group further called on governments, friends of the affected states, and the international community to prioritize the health and well-being of those that are negatively impacted, women and children to rise in assistance to rescue, and send relief, and rehabilitation materials to cushion the devastating effects of the seemingly unavoidable bad conditions on the people.

The Group warned that the government and politicians should not ignore how the People who voted them into power and who will file out in the next elections to vote or renew the mandates for the Politicians in 2023 are presently suffering due to this endemic floodings .
The men, women and Children who are qualified to vote now, will use the election period to pay back. The fidelity of the voters will largely be determined by the responses of the government to their plights now!


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