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Court Grants Ibadan-based Prankster, Trinityguy, Bail


Saturday July 22, 2023

Abdullahi Mahruf, Ibadan-based skit-maker, also known as Trinityguy was on Friday, released on bail from detention at Agodi correctional centre.

This was confirmed by his colleague, Abdul Gafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Lawyer Kunle on Friday night through a Facebook page.

Cute Abiola said Trinityguy was released having met bail conditions. He also added that Trinityguy has prayed fervently for vindication during his days in prison as this was evident in a black spot clearly speckled on his forehead in his new pictures.

“Trinity is finally free on bail. I am wishing you all the best brother. May Almighty Allah keep guiding you to the right part. Welcome back! My guy don pray tire. see him forehead” Lawyer Kunle posted on Facebook.

Recall that Magistrate P.O Adetuyibi who is in charge of Trinity’s case stated that the allegation against the Skit maker is beyond his authority as it is currently receiving the attention of the state Ministry of Justice.

Trinityguy ran into trouble after his prank video with a minor went viral on social media.

He was invited by Oyo State Police Command for interrogation after which he was charged to court for sexualizing a minor in the viral video.

He was charged alongside the victim’s parents, Ahmed and Rofiat, with conspiracy and sexual abuse/exploitation on Tuesday, July 11, when Inspector Oluwakemi Arowosaye told the court that he conspired with the victim’s parents to abuse and sexualize the young girl in his viral video.


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