Home News CODIN Commends CBN, Congratulate Nigerians For Securing A New Currency Exchange Deadline

CODIN Commends CBN, Congratulate Nigerians For Securing A New Currency Exchange Deadline


Monday January 30, 2023

The Coalition for Democracy In Nigeria (CODIN), has commended the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele for considering the loud cries of Nigerians on the imperatives for extending the deadline for the exchange of old notes into new ones, to reduce the hassles of the people and to fastal the possible massive loss of their legitimate funds.

In a release signed by the President and Convener of the Group, Comrade Mashood Erubami stated that the February 10 new deadline is much welcome and should be adequate for the currency swappings, exchanges and deposit exercises without further prejudices.

The Group called on the headship of the National Assembly to leave the matter as presently directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and focussed on its other statutory functions instead of dabbling into its financial and monetary policy formulation and implementation order.

The group further called on Nigerians to wake up and desist from their usual lethargic attitude to adhere to meeting deadlines on issues of national directives as in the examples of the national ID card registration and other biometrics capturings.

“Right now, It stated that the responsibility to make everybody adhere to this new deadline is all ours.

Everybody from today must raise our voices on the Banks, Traders, holders of old notes to ensure that all measures are taken to ensure that they carry their notes to the banks, and find all means to exchange their monies to new notes.

Also, no efforts should be spared to expose Commercial Bank officials and Central Bank staffs who might want to sabotage government efforts to ensure that the currency swapping and exchange control orders making it seamless are accosted and exposed for the rightful punishment.”

The group calls for the renewed diligence and extra vigilance of the DSS and other intelligence Units of security agencies to ward off any negative practices from saboteurs while ensuring that unethical practices about these currency redesign, Swapping and exchanges are seriously nipped in the bud.Members of Political parties, Professionals, labour, Faith Based institutions Youths and Women must rise to these occasions to ensure that all hands are on deck to ensure that the February 10 deadline is not only made sacrosanct but convenient for all.