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WhatsApp now lets you chat with yourself


If you talk to yourself in the mirror every morning, then you might enjoy this new WhatsApp feature more than most

The new message yourself feature is super useful for reminders and notes that can sync across devices.

WhatsApp will now let you freely message yourself. The new Message Yourself feature has been gradually rolling out to WhatsApp users over the past couple of months and has appeared in the release notes for the latest app update this week. It’s not Meta’s latest AI invention but more of a digital notepad to let you send quick notes, reminders, links, and photos to yourself across multiple devices.

You could also use this feature to have a full-blown conversation with yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

You don’t even need WhatsApp to chat with yourself, either. Plenty of other apps include a similar feature, with both Facebook Messenger and Instagram allowing you to message yourself. If you use Slack or Microsoft Teams at work, you can also message yourself, and Signal has a Note to Self feature that’s very similar to WhatsApp’s.

WhatsApp’s latest iOS release notes also mention the ability to drag and drop images, videos, and documents from apps like Safari, Photos, and Files. You can also now undo the delete for me option “for a few seconds.”