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“This Is An Establishment Of Dubious Intent”, Election Observers React To Crisis Rocking Oyo NAWOJ


The boat of the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ, Oyo State Chapter, is being rocked ahead of her election as her Credential Committee, led by Comrade Morenike Tony-Esan posted the provision list of candidates vying for various posts barely a week to the election.

According to the list, all members of the Patriot Team, led by the incumbent Chairperson and Secretary were passed, while every member of the other Team, the New Dawn Team, led by Omolola Alamu was disqualified.

According to a member of the Association who desires anonymity, the Committee had posted on her WhatsApp Platform that claims and objections would be accepted between November 2 and November 5, 2021, after which the Committee is expected to take the necessary action, but it baffled many of the members that the Committee raised no objection nor posted any until Thursday evening, November 18, 2021.

The election, expected to take place at the Dapo Aderogba Hall, NUJ Center, Iyaganku, Ibadan, on Thursday, November 25, 2021, is now about being disrupted as members react to the unprofessionalism and incompetence of the Credential Committee.

In a statement titled: “Wanton, Flagrant Disrespect To Objects Of Existence In Oyo NAWOJ”, a body of Oyo NAWOJ Election Observers noted that the happenings in the Association are an establishment of dubious intent.

Read the full statement: “Wonders will never end! We wake up every day, every morning to be amused by and/or with the actions and inactions of some Characters. This time, reference focuses on our immediate environment and confine as a Corporate entity under the auspices of our revered NAWOJ, with a stick to the OYO NAWOJ.”

“We received and read with utmost disgust and bewilderment, the rapacious desire of the incumbent Chairperson of OYO NAWOJ, Jadesola Ajibola to remain an adhesive to the seat of power in OYO NAWOJ. The information garnered in its political trickles has revealed a suspicion of foul play on the parts of this Character. The insight into the impending crisis in OYO NAWOJ has given great credence to the available information on Jadesola relating to her inability to explain and render an accurate Account of the current financial position of her tenure dating back to three years.”

“One will be forced to quickly sink this into a major factor going by the perennial crisis eating deep into the administrative nerves and veins of OYO NAWOJ to wit; high-handedness, administrative decadence, concealment of facts, discouragement of the members of her executive Team from participating in her present led tenure. This is an establishment of dubious intent.”

“The pages of history will forever be replete on how this current Chairperson of OYO NAWOJ, Jadesola, discouraged the duo of her key officers, Kemi Mamud, the Financial Secretary and Sade Oduola, Treasurer,  from participating actively in this outgoing Tenure. As if this is the worst, it will freeze you further to note that other key posts, Vice-Chairperson and/ or the Office of the Assistant Secretary never exist during her tenure. We reliably registered the fact that no sooner had they assumed Office, our dear Sister Kemi Mamud (loved by all) resigned from the Tenure. She did this in the interest of the protection of her (Kemi Mamud) personality as a matured- being on some unfolding issues. This surmounts that it is only Jadesola Ajibola as the Chairperson and Stella Oyebamiji as the Secretary that play a “Foreman” role in OYO NAWOJ. They are the active Signatories to the Cheque and huge withdrawals on the invisible “projects” on OYO NAWOJ.”

“While Jadesola is busy romancing with her inordinate ambition to return in Office, apparently to forestall a possible Audit query on her Stewardship and the requisite Accountability, the New Dawn Team under OMOLOLA ALAMU is busy ruminating on how to move OYO NAWOJ forward from the dwindling status to the desired glorious heights.”

“It will be on the note that the only project in the stock of Jadesola Ajibola as an out-gone, sorry, out-going Chairperson is the erection of a Toilet Unit at the NAWOJ Secretariat. To God be the glory, this is to the credit of TEMILOLA AKARAH; she facilitated the idea and the link on the Project. May we quickly unfold at this juncture that TEMILOLA AKARAH is the TREASURER hopeful under OMOLOLA ALAMU and the NEW DAWN TEAM.”

The time to be happy is now, the group to make it happen is LOLA ALAMU and her New Dawn Team.

Great NAWOJIANS, we have seen the REST, let us try the BEST.

From: The Observers. (OYO NAWOJ ELECTION 2021.)


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