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Stop Making A Fool Of Makinde’s Administration, Adelabu Blasts Oyelade


Thursday January 12 2023

The Bayo Adelabu Campaign Council has asked the Chairman, Seyi Makinde Media Team, Dotun Oyelade to think deeply and ruminate on issues relating to the administration he is serving in order not to continue making a fool of the Makinde administration and by extension, the Governor.

BACO’s advise was contained in a statement issued on Wednesday while responding to Prince Oyelade’s not- so-well-thought-out comparison between the Accord Governorship candidate, Oloye Bayo Adelabu and Governor Makinde over investment in Oyo State and the shameless response of Senator Folarin on the same issue of investment in the State.

Reacting to Oyelade ‘s statement, BACO said it “ would not have responded to Prince Oyelade because he obviously needs to defend his meal ticket, however in the process of doing so, his statement comes across as not well-thought out.

As a septuagenarian, one would have expected him to understand the issues at stake before responding, unfortunately, it becomes disappointing to observe that where one expects wisdom, one finds foolishness, just like Ahitophel.”

“In order to properly situate the issue, What Oloye Adelabu is saying is that, if a mistake was made in 2019 with the election of Gov Seyi Makinde, who ran an unsuccessful , briefcase business, that mistake should not repeat itself in 2023. The people of Oyo State should vote for Adelabu who had always shown his love for the people by putting all his investments in the State where he has employed about 3000 people.”

The Campaign organisation noted that a man who could not run a successful business would put the State in far worse state than he met it. This has clearly manifested in the race to run Oyo State aground by the Governor through incessant borrowing which has put Oyo State’s indebtedness to about N200 billion. “ When Oloye Adelabu eventually takes over in 2023, he would need all the financial skills at his disposal, to bail Oyo State out of this burden that a public analyst once said would extend to the unborn generation if not quickly arrested.”

The statement further lambasted Oyelade who described Oloye Adelabu’s investment as self serving and baseless. “The likes of Makinde and Oyelade would describe such multi-billion naira business as baseless because they do not know the value such businesses bring to the people since they can not point to anything as successful. As much as Accord governorship candidate has legitimate business unlike Makinde, no one should begrudge him for making profit from the business. No one prays for an unsuccessful business, though one can not say the same for Oyelade ‘s principal. The bottom line, however is that Adelabu is not only giving the people of Oyo State fish, he is also teaching them how to fish. People like Makinde and his All Progressives counterpart would rather keep the people in perpetual slavery, doling handouts to them.

BACO noted that Makinde, like other candidates was invited and given advance notice about the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Yoruba– organised debate, for him to render account of his stewardship, however, “that was the same time he chose to play golf and was shamelessly posting same on social media. To him, the people of Oyo State who would have wanted to hear him render account of his mismanagement of Oyo State, do not matter.