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Russian embassy says Russians facing discrimination in Germany

A man with a Russian flag with a coat of arms stands in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where people coming from Russia and living in Germany are demonstrating. Apparently there are threats and hate mail against Russians in Germany. Photo: Gerald Matzka/dpa

The Russian embassy in Berlin said on Saturday it had received hundreds of complaints during the past three days from Russians in Germany.

The Russians said they had received threatening messages.

Cars with Russian registration plates have been damaged, and Russian school pupils have reported insults, hate speech, bullying and physical assault.

“We hold all manifestations of discrimination and infringement of the rights of our citizens and the Russian-speaking population in Germany to be unacceptable,” the embassy said.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that Ambassador Sergej Nechayev had sent a memorandum to the Germany Foreign Ministry criticising discrimination directed at Russians in Germany.

Nechayev called for “a clear signal from the German government … to put a stop to this discrimination.”


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