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PDP, APC, Nigeria’s Major Problem, Reject Continuation Of Hardship – Adelabu
..enough of copycat administration in Oyo State


Saturday February 4th, 2023

The Oyo State governorship candidate of Accord Party, Oloye Adebayo Adelabu has lamented the hardship that Nigerians have continued to face in the last few weeks, saying the blame for the current woe rests squarely with the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking on the aftermath of the violence that erupted in some parts of Ibadan on Friday, the Accord Party candidate urged the people to continue to maintain peace , saying that the current hardship has an expiry date of March 11, 2023 when the governorship election would usher in a new and better Oyo State.

He urged the people of Oyo State to eschew the evil as epitomised by the two parties — PDP and APC. “ it is clear now that these two parties represent hardship and suffering.

Oyo State has not had it so bad since the PDP administration took over governance. The State capital, Ibadan is now returning to the old appellation of a dirty city.

We had thought that with the solid waste disposal plan that the present administration met on ground, they would continue with it, unfortunately, this has not been the case. The road median have become dumping ground for refuse.

We pray that this does not result in cholera.”

“Speaking further, the Accord Party candidate in the statement from his campaign office, Bayo Adelabu Campaign Organisation (BACO) noted that the Seyi Makinde administration has shown that it is bereft of ideas and has continued to resort to copying ideas of the Accord governorship candidate. “We recall that it was Adelabu that mooted the idea of street light for the State, the same way he conceptualised CCTV in strategic areas of the State when he was Chairman of the Oyo State Security Trust Fund.

This was quickly appropriated by the Makinde administration. Because the idea was not original to the PDP government, it was poorly executed, with the use of diesel to power the street light, thus calling into question the engineering qualification of the governor, any wonder that most of the streets remain in darkness due to inability to power the street lights.” In another of the ‘copy copy’ that has characterised the administration, Chief Adelabu suspended his campaign in empathy with the hardship that the people are facing over the new naira scarcity and the frustration occasioned by high cost of fuel, Governor Makinde was quick to follow suit.“ As much as BACO is not against thinking for the Seyi Makinde administration, Oyo State cannot go through another four years of that administration.”

Similarly, BACO noted that APC is not an option for the people of Oyo State as an APC administration will return the State to the era of brigandage, arson and insecurity. “Clearly, the APC candidate has lost credibility among the people. This is why the APC candidate was attacked by traders at the Gate market the other day.

“BACO urged the people of Oyo State to reject the two parties who have become an albatross on their neck. “Accord is the only party that can take the people to the promise land. Oloye Adelabu has shown that he has the love of the people at heart as shown in all his actions. His businesses have employed more than 3000 people in the State and he has never owed staff salary. He did this when he was not even thinking about contesting for any elective position, he will definitely do more as Governor. He has clearly shown his love for the people. The same cannot be said of the candidates of APC or even Governor Makinde”, BACO said.


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