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My Target In Politics Is To Be A Lawmaker – Erubami


Sunday 10th April 2022

The southwest Zonal Leader, People With Special Needs of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Moshood Erubami has disclosed that his major aim in politics is to be a lawmaker.

Erubami made this disclosure during a news chat with RockHill radio on Sunday.

He stated that he never jettisoned his Aspiration to the House of Representatives for a lesser Party position.

“If anything, it is to enrich my capacity to contest for the House.

There is no law that refrain or debar me or anybody from that attempt.”

Erubami said his new position in not merely a zonal position but also a lifting platform to the National Executive Committee of the Party.

“The joy of it is that winning that position catapulted me straight to the National Executive which enhanced my curriculum vitae. At the right time, when the opportunity to contest for the House of Representatives position provides itself, i will seize it, contest and win it for the people in my Egbeda ONA Ara Federal Constituency.

My target in Politics is to make myself available to serve the people through law making. My focus is to join the men and women in the Green Chambers to make better laws, Oversight the Executive, Represent the people very well and create discernible positive difference in their lives.

“I want to become a law maker to enrich the material well-being of the people, empower them richly with good ideas of politicking and endow them with unshakable courage.”

He promised to move lawmaking to a higher ground, where people will reap the juicy fruits of their participation in politics and enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Erubami added that his wish is to also compensate the people for their loyalty to Candidates of the Party and bring growth and development to the Constituency in folds taking the joy and comfort of politics beyond mere payments of cash to Widows and the Vulnerables.

The Zonal leader also assured that the Youths will be empowered to rule and be educated to become the real leaders not only of tomorrow but starting from today while women will gain hugely from politics while he stand strong for their mainstreaming, growth and sustainable development.


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