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Land Dispute: Faremi Ajuwon Petitions Oyo Commissioner Of Police Over Land Grabbing, Malicious Destruction of Farm Products


Saturday April 16 2022

The Faremi Ajuwon families of Moniya, Ibadan in Akinyele local government have have petitioned the Oyo state commissioner of Police, Ngozi Onadeko alleging
one Alhaji Akeem Muraina Oniola forcefully took over their land and has also destroyed farm produced worth millions of naira.

The petition written by their lawyer, Ranti Ajeleti & Co said the clients reported a very serious matter to their chambers which necessitates the petition.

The petition stated that Faremi Ajuwon have been the owner of a large expanse of farmland at Ajuwon Village, Moniya.

“There was a legal dispute on the land and our client was declared the rightful owner of the farmland by the court of law in suits No: M/43/2015 and 1/220/2010 respectively. The said judgements were enforced on 8th day of November 2019 by Law Enforcement Officers of the High court of Justice of Ibadan in the presence of police officers from police headquarters, Eleyele Ibadan.

“Our clients inform us further that few days after the enforcement, One Alhaji Akeem Muraina Oniola together with his cohorts tree passed on our clients land and started removing the signboards erected by the court. Our clients informed us that they reported to the police but no action was taken.

The petition further said a suit had again been filed against the said Alhaji Akeem Muraina Oniola with no MISC/576/12 and the case was at last sitting adjourned till May 12 2022.

The family though the petition also alleged that the said Akeem on enquiry has transformed the land to an estate which is an offence of land grabbing contrary to the Land Grabbing law of Oyo State 2016.

The family calls on the police to take interest in the case, investigate same and ensure that law and order prevail.


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