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In Search Of Senate President Of The 10th National Assembly


ALI Umar,

Sunday March 11th, 2023

It is no more a news that the 2023 Presidential Election has come and gone and the rest will be settled by the Courts of the land, in the election, members of the National Assembly were simultaneously elected during the Presidential Election, therefore my focus today is on the leadership of the members of Red and Green Chambers particularly the Red Chamber.

The Red Chamber consists of One hundred and Nine (109) distinguished Senators, majorly dominated by the ruling party APC having more than 50% of the members among five other political parties with members as Senator in the chamber, therefore, the ruling Party; APC will form the leadership of the Senate without any stress.

The President of the Senate is the third in the political rank of Nigeria, by convention in the Spirit of power sharing, the Senate President will come from the Southern part of the Nation and since the President Elect is from the South West that leaves either of the South-south or South East to Produce the Next Senate President, certainly, APC will be serious in taking the leadership of the Red Chamber.

Thinking for APC and knowing well that democracy is all about numbers vis-a-vis what numbers of vote have you brought or can you bring is all that will determine what you will take from the table, APC has Senators Elect from both the South South and South East but few of them are the Ranking Senator that can emerge as the Senate President and they are Distinguished Senator Godswill Akpabio representing Akwa Ibom North, Senator David Umahi from Ebonyi South and Senator Orji Kalu of Abia North.

A quick peep into the figures brought in by these Ranking Senators which will be one of the major determining factor that will guide APC in determining the next Senate President shows that Distinguished Senator Godswill Akpabio scored 115,401 to emerge the Senator Elect and the President Elect scored 160,620 from the State amounting to 32% of the votes from Akwa Ibom State which APC has never scored from the state.

In Ebonyi State, Senator David Umahi pulled total votes of 28,378 to emerge the Senator Elect while the President Elect; Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu scored 42,402 which is just 13% of the available votes in the State during the election, while in Abia State, Distinguished Senator Orji Kalu scored total votes of 30,805 to return to the Red Chamber from his Senatorial district while the President Elect garnered 8,914 from the entire State which is just 2% of the votes available in that Election, meanwhile Senator Godswill Akpabio was the first person to step down his Presidential ambition for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the APC Presidential Primary

Well, I will not conclude for the ruling Party, the President Elect and the distinguished members of the Senate but then, I
know that the President Elect is a Democrat and Progressive to the core that will not replace
Meritocracy with Mediocrity.

Comrade Olayemi Success
Chief Convener, Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Justice and Equity


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