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Bimbo Kolade; A Media Delight


17th April, 2022.

By Adewale Adebambo

A sort after aspirant of Oyo central senatorial district of Oyo state has been the delight of media outlets in the state in recent times as he disect and decipher the issues of politics with facts and figures.

This was made manifest in about straight 4 hours engagement with various radio stations On Saturday. The achor of the programme ‘Lagbo Oselu’ Tunde Adedokun on Solutions FM 93.9 played host to the Fiditi born politician.

Bimbo displayed his acumen in legislative governance on the programme as one of his takes is that local government autonomy is key to grassroots development.

In another engagement afterwards on Naija FM 102.9; Babatunde Jimoh the host scrutinized the Federal Comissioner on Revenue Allocation, Mobilization and Fiscal Commision on his contribution thus far and and Hon. Kolade did not disappoint with facts and figures. In his remarks, it was noted that only 6 states were viable economically and could stand on their own without federal allocations.

The former commissioner during the last administration made known his intention to contest the senatorial seat with viable legislative propositions to enhance the economic corridor of the senatorial districts.

It’s indeed an engaging !day with laudable display of what it takes to govern and enhance the economic well being of the people of Oyo state.


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